On the Roam for Him

Anne Sidora


Granted, most men, on the roam don't need much. A soap maybe... maybe ;) 

We wanted to offer them a easy set that is multifunction and travel friendly. For the wanderluster, the guy who is always on the move, traveling, camping, fishing, vanliving but still has to look nice for a significant other, a job or why not, for himself! 

This set includes: 

  • Our natural rock stones who are the essential to carry around when traveling as it can be used to wash your body, your hair and your clothes. It's biodegradable too so perfect for river showers!
  • Our best seller, the beard oil by Mr Man, all natural and minty, it can be used before or after shaving and helps the skin to stay clean, moist and prevents in-grown hairs. 
  • A tonic to use at night after a hard day of weatherworn skin.It can also be used to rub sore muscles thanks to the essential oils in its formula. 
  • An activated carbon soap, which is one of our favorite really makes a difference if a man has a sensitive skin, shaves often or is exposed to the sun a lot. It is not as harsh as the rock stone and will protect his gorgeous face better! 

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