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Los Cabos and particularly San Jose Del Cabo is this little paradise stuck between the ocean and the desert. In summer, the weather is hot…really hot. But in winter, the temperature drops just enough to be perfect.

In August, while my twins just celebrated their 6 months, we decided to go for a stroll right outside the gorgeous cottages of Flora Farms. The night was clear as it most often is and the stars were ultra bright. As always, my two lovely ladies refused to go to sleep and were looking all around to see what they could touch, grab, poke, lick and eat. After maybe fifteen minutes of intense walking with my double stroller, they fell asleep.

Enjoying the slightly less hot weather of the night, we stayed outside by the fire pit – turned off for obvious reasons- and the landscape was so pretty with the stars above and the cacti all around that I knew I had to reproduce it somehow.

I can’t paint, I can’t really draw either but I can sew.

And abracadabra, I had found my inspiration for the perfect baby cover. Finding the fabric was harder as I wanted something super super soft and light at the same time: double gauze organic cotton was perfect for the job. I tend to become quite obsessed when I have an idea stuck in my head so the next 5 days, every time I had a few minutes to myself, I would work on my baby cover project.

It was finished soon enough and I gave it to my girls – yes, I only made one and they have to share 😉 – and they loved it. They chewed on it, pulled it, rolled in it and slept with it.

They love it and so do I.

I lent my prototype cover to an association called Lending Hands here in Cabo whose goal is to help women find work, independence and respect and asked them if they could reproduce it for the business.

Now this cactus project is so much more than a baby cover: it is a reminder of a hot summer night, a job for women and a perfect gift for a lucky baby.

Discover the Soft Cactus Swaddle here:

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