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I am and will always be a traveler. Now though, I don’t get as much time as I wish to roam the world. So when a company offers me a trip down memory lane Yucatan style, I’m up for it. Sure enough,I travelled in time and i fell in love. Sandovalis became my secret lover, and the thing is, I want to share him with the whole world.

I could talk for hours about the way Sandovalis creates his perfume, his soaps, his candle but oh well… all of this impressing information is on their website Sandovalis

No, what i want to tell you about is the intense joy i felt when i first discovered the brand and all their wonderfully handcrafted products. Their aromas are strong and bewitching whatever items I tried, I was always high on happiness.

Sandovalis does not fabricate soaps or perfumes or candles, they make items inhabited by History. When i lit my first candle, it was late night, i was finishing up some work and I still needed to test their products. Fire is relaxing sure, but the smell conquered the room and myself. This is Sandovalis’s real creative talent : giving life to my ghost lover.

So go ahead, try their products, your senses will appreciate it for sure. Oh and Men, please please please use and abuse of their perfumes, I don’t know about you ladies, but i don’t want my man to smell like 100,000 other misters sniffing of soulless commercial flagrance.

Now, spread the world…

Discover their products in the following box

Discover their products in the following box

Discover their products in the following box

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