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In the Californian desert where we live, the sun and the heat always take a toll on our skin. We design this box because the struggle to feel pretty with a light touch of make-up that won’t melt or damage our skin is real. This is a ritual to feel pretty inside and out, all the items are natural, ecofriendly most importantly, they work !

All products are designed and made in Mexico by artisans who reinvent traditional techniques to turn common objects into extraordinary keepsakes.

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Product Description

Make-up Remover  | By Son de Miel :

Lipstick Balm | By True Beauty :

Mascarilla de Mar |By Teia:

Polvo Matificante |By Teia:

Sunscreen | By Agua de Nube :

Organic Face Towel | By Botanicus:

Box | 10 in x 7.8 in x 4 in

Additional information

Make-up Remover

By Son de Miel :
Made with the bone of the mamey fruit, natural honey and Cyprus oil. It helps not only clean our skin but those three ingredients combined hydrates and promotes the growth of healthy cells in our skin and eyebrows.

Lipstick Balm

By True Beauty :
This is a natural beewax lipstick that will leave our lips soft and hydrated. It also protects them from the harsh sun thanks to its added vitamin E, mint and argan oil.

Mascarilla de Mar

By Teia:
This is a facemask you will have a hate love relationship with. We have to be honest, the smell is strong… let’s just say you will know right away it comes from the sea! It is made with clay from the Dead Sea and is absolutely wonderful for your skin. It will leave your face feeling amazingly clean, soft and hydrated. We love it… we just don’t breathe too much while using it! 30gr


By Agua de Nube :
Organic and Vegan sunscreen with a 30 FPS protection. Apply it 2 to 3 times a day in order to avoid sunburns and keep your skin protected. We love that this is an all natural sunscreen that actually work and doesn’t destroy wildlife when you go to the beach. 100ml.

Organic Face Towel

By Botanicus:
Super soft 100% organic cotton face towel garantee by Cotton LEADS.


By Anne Sidora: White box to protect all your treasure. To keep and use in your own way. Dimension 7.8 in x 5 in x 4 in


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