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Self Love does not always come easily.

We tend to sacrifice our relationship with ourselves to take care of others or of other things first. This box is to remind you that you’re precious and it’s more than OK if you put yourself first for once.

Good vibes, relaxing smells, tender caress on your skin and a sense of peace is what this holistic experience is about.

You’re a gem so act like it: unique, smart, gorgeous and resplendent!


All products are designed and made in Mexico by artisans who reinvent traditional techniques to turn common objects into extraordinary keepsakes.

In stock

Product Description

Gem Soap | By Vanilka

Mini Shampoo y Conditioner  | By Rayito de Luna

Perfume Jardin de Merida  | By Sandovalis

Organic Luffa Sponge | By Anne Sidora

Sisal Candle | By Sandovalis

Box | By Anne Sidora: 10 in x 7.8 in x 4 in

Additional information

Gem Soap

By Vanilka:
Handmade Soaps inspired by gemstones are just so feminine and pretty, just what we need sometimes to remind ourselves we are feminine and beautiful. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this soap makes us feel precious inside and out.

Mini Shampoo, Conditioner and Gel

By Rayito de Luna:
All natural and fair trade, this mini set is a lifesaver when you’re on the go. Being busy and traveling a lot doesn’t have to mean we don’t take care of ourselves, those cute lavender amenities can go with you everywhere and you will thank us for it. Contains 3x30ml.

Perfume Jardin de Merida

By Sandovalis:
Made in Yucatan in Sandovalis’ own fields, this perfume is a true wonder. The main scents are jasmine and violet but after a while you will start to notice the undertones of white rose.

Organic Luffa Sponge

By Anne Sidora:
Hand picked and dried, our organic luffa sponge gives you a soft exfoliation that will leave your skin happy and smooth. Use it twice a week.

Sisal Candle | By Sandovalis:

This natural wax candle tells the story of a pirate attack down the coast of the Yucatan in 1640. The delicates notes of orange blossom, lemons, cedar and white roses transport us to times of adventures, romance and conquests. 190 grs for 18 hours approx.


By Anne Sidora: White box to protect all your treasure. To keep and use in your own way. Dimension: 10 in x 7.8 in x 4 in


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