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Mezcal is a powerful and magical drink.

It takes its roots in ancient Mayan history as it is said that only the initiated – men of power, priests and elderly – could drink this strong delicacy.

Its elaboration is a slow and meticulous process as the maguey itself takes up to 10 years to mature.

This box is a tribute to this unique beverage that should be revered and slowly savored.

All products are designed and made in Mexico by artisans who reinvent traditional techniques to turn common objects into extraordinary keepsakes.

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Mezcal Glasses | By Tierra Quemada
Spice Plate | By Tierra Quemad
Marble Coaster | By Marmol Art
Box | By Anne Sidora 7.8 in x 5 in x 4 in

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Mezcal Glasses

Mezcal Glasses, By Tierra Quemada:
Each mezcal glass in ceramic is patiently and lovingly designed and made by the master Vicente Hernandez in Oaxaca. The designs engraved in the clay represent traditional symbols that he modernizes to create acclaimed pieces of art. Lead free, those 2 mezcal glass are the best way to indulge into the Mexican ritual of Mezcal tasting.

Spice Plate

Spice Plate, By Tierra Quemada:
Ceramic little plate matching the mezcal glasses.
Place the maguey salt in the middle of the table, ready to be shared and enjoyed.

Marble Coaster

Marble Coaster, By Marmol Art :
Local stone carver, Marmol art reinvent elegance and simplicity with local stones and slow hand carving. Each piece is unique and invites us to accept the small imperfections of life (and celebrate them with a mescal glass!)


By Anne Sidora: White box to protect all your treasure. To keep and use in your own way. 7.8 in x 5 in x 4 in


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