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We are all about simple pleasures and there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing our baby smile and feeling the trust he or she places in us.

We designed this ritual to comfort our bundle of love before bedtime.  This box is made to gently relax the senses of a baby: pale colors for the sight, the delicate aroma of lavender, the soft caress of organic cotton and the taste of honey to soothe the ache of growing teeth.

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Product Description

Comfort Bunny | By Witty Wood

Neutral Soap |By Botanicus

Sweet dreams Spray |By Aroma 72

Papalote Blamket |By Korimi

Box | By Anne Sidora: 10 in x 7.8  in x 4 in

Additional information

Comfort Bunny

Comfort Bunny, By Witty Wood:
Little bunny as useful as cute. Let your baby play with those soft

Neutral Soap

Neutral Soap, By Botanicus:
Neutral soap made especially to gently clean and hydrate baby's skin. This natural neutral soap is elaborated with olive and coconut oils. Chemical free.

Sweet dreams Spray

Sweet dreams Spray, By Aroma 72:
Aromatherapy relaxing spray with Lavender, Cyprus and Pine tree natural essential oils. Apply the spray to the baby bed linens 15 min before bed time. The delicate aromas will help baby drift into a comforting deep sleep.

Papalote Blamket

Papalote Blamket, By Korimi :
Organic cotton blanket with fine colorful embroidery. Korimi reinvents the richness of Mexican folklore to create this conscious and beautiful blanket to be used after the bath or as a light swaddle.


By Anne Sidora: White box to protect all your treasure. To keep and use in your own way. Dimension 10 in x 7.8 in x 4 in


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