Baja Versatile Bandana

Anne Sidora


Inspired by a beautiful poem, this cotton square can be used in many ways. 

The Indivisible poem is written in the circle and each side of the illustration represents a different verse. 

It is a wearable piece of art that you can use as a bandana, a face cover, an accessory but also as a collectible framed in a special place. 

The cactus corner represents Strenght vs adversity: even in the desert, life can bloom. 

The boat represents Curiosity and Adventure: Be bold, go explore and get out of your comfort zone. 

The Pelican represents Life itself: As he swallows water to get one fish, we must remember that nothing comes easy; we must go through unpleasantness to be happy. 

The twins represent Tolerance: Even though we all look similar as human on the outside, it is important to remember kindness and be tolerant one toward another as we never know what challenges we all face inside. 


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