Wanderlust Queen

Anne Sidora


This set is all you need for a trip, a vacation or a roadtrip into the wild. 

It comes with:

  • A day cream with SPF to get you ready for an adventure walking on the beach, hiking in the forest or biking on wild trails,
  • A night cream to help soothe your adrenaline exposed face after a long day in nature, 
  • A tonic that you can use on your face day or night and as a massage oil for your sore muscles, 
  • A set of our natural, biodegradable rock stones. Pack one of the small one with you to use anytime or shower and do your laundry on a river with the biggest rock. The natural fiber bag is meant to be used to storage your soap and to help you scrub away the happiness dirt. 

Packaging in Glass. 

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