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November is all about face hair.  I have to confess i am a big supporter of the Movember movement : Not only does it support a great cause, but it also makes our men a little wilder.

Of course, though I love my man with a beard I enjoy it even more if it is well groomed. A wild side not a savage one is what they need to aim for.

All the women i talked to about the beard effect all agree on one thing: it has to be manly, trimmed and groomed. Plus, the longer it becomes, the harder it is to maintain in an orderly, clean and perfect fashion. My under 35 year old friends, don’t really fancy more than a little stubble – unless you are or look like Leonardo Dicaprio… In that case, be my guest to rock a beard and a man bun too!

But otherwise, we like a man who takes care of himself because, in our feminine psyche, what man can take care of us if they can’t take care of themselves?

That’s why the 3-day beard look is a big winner: it is sexy and wild enough but still clean and domesticated.

I ask my husband to try out all the Mr. Man beard products when I was selecting the cosmetics for my Conquistador Box. He was more than happy to be my guinea pig. Being Mexican, he can achieve a 3-day beard look in just one day and a longer beard in just a week, great for all my experimentations on his beard! Yes, he loved the products but I have to confess that he is not a hard man to convince…

What matters is that my baby twin girls and me were thankful that by using the oils every day, he starting enjoying even more his morning ritual. We are all quite fond of the fresh smell he now keeps on his skin all day long.

Isn’t that how men should look and feel every day?

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