Feminista Song

Anne Sidora


To live life fully and enjoy every moment we are given.

That’s the legacy Frida Kahlo left us.

Her life was full of hardships and yet she never let her pain be debilitating in any way. Her life became her art and her art became her life. She was strong, free-spirited and a true feminist before the word even existed. She is the embodiment of will power and tenacity. A true inspiration whenever we need it.

This box is dedicated to her but mostly to all women; It is an invitation, a reminder that we, as women, possess more strength and perseverance than we even know.

Included in the set: 

  • Frida Kahlo Golden Notebook
  • Organic Lipstick by Teia 
  • Earrings entirely manufactured by hand. Bronze with 24 carat gold plating and natural fiber fabric palm of werregue. Made slow to last long. 
  • Anne Sidora Keepsake Box 

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