Vitamin C Face Mask

Anne Sidora


Limited Edition Peel Off Vitamin C Face Mask

This is our only product actually made in France, Anne's home country, in collaboration with Mexican brand Basati, to insure the best quality. 

This very fine peel off face mask has to be mixed with water and applied gently on your face. You can leave it on for about 15 min before peeling off before rinsing. 

Your face will not only feel clean but hydrated and toned thanks to the vitamin C in the formula. 

The bottle itself is a beautiful work of art, made in Oaxaca by Xaquixe, entirely with recycled glass. We invite you to repurpose the jar with dry flowers! 

Ingredients: Algin, calcium sulfate, tetrasodium, blackcurrant and vit C. 

135g or an average of 7 to 10 masks.


Do not use if you have allergy to any of the components. 

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