• Curating Joy

    Curating Joy

    I am this type of person who feels better surrounded by clean lines, empty spaces and pale colors. Living and working in a space that celebrates the vacuum in between objects is important to me.

    A decluttered life leaves room for more meaningful connections to people and to objects. I am in my thirties now and it took me a decade to understand that my work, just as my daily life has to be fueled by passion and genuine fire.







    That’s why every product I carry in the store is there for 4 reasons that are essential to my, and hopefully yours, sense of joy:




    • It’s made as close as possible to reduce carbon footprint. More than 95% of our items and packaging is made in Mexico. Some very specific items are made in France and I bring them back to Mexico with me on my travels.
    • Small artisans with a need to work and an inside fire to do so fabricate it all. Works of passions and commitment to their craft. I’ve met most of them, I’ve talked to all of them, I know their names and their dedication.
    • They are all as ecofriendly, sustainable and as organic as possible. Because good people respects the past, live in the present and care for the future.
    • Every item brings me joy. They all have a purpose and a sense of casual elegance. They embody this balance I love so much between nature and the sophistication of our capitalistic ways.

    I dream of a more minimalistic life, a life on the road, in the back of a van, hunting for more beautiful creations by amazing people. It’s happening, so stay tuned for more !