• Expressions of Gratitude & Love

    Expressions of Gratitude & Love

    I lived through my twenties not knowing languages of Love even existed.

    Then, upon my upcoming divorce, my sister sent me a gift: a book called the 5 languages of Love by Gary Chapman. I read it and even though I didn’t agree with everything that was in there, I did learn a great deal.

    I discovered what languages of love were: ways to feel love and ways to demonstrate it. Soft touches and light caresses, acts of service and gift giving are mine.

     Anne Sidora Cabo

    It should have been obvious when I thought about it retrospectively. I have been handmaking my own gifts for my family since I was a toddler. I was one of those introvert little girl who would give you a painting, a poem, a beaded necklace etc…

    Growing up, I would sew something, knit something for my loved one or buy something I put a great deal of thoughts into. Always. It has never been about how much I was spending, I have never been rich enough to spoil anyone. But I always made sure they felt the attention to details and the affection I poured into every gestures ever given.

    Gifts have always been a symbol of all the love that resides in my heart. 

    On the receiving hand, I also feel more appreciated everytime what I’m given has a secret meaning between my gift giver and myself. You know he or she saw something somewhere and bought it just because it reminded him/her of me.

    It’s always about the thought, the tenderness, the sweetness of it all.

     So I suppose it only makes sense my work makes me so happy.

    I personally write the description of every box I design, every concept is close to my heart and meaningful in ways I could never fully explain. It is something I would love to receive or to buy for others or for myself (because yes, I also learned the hard way self love matters and women ALWAYS tend to put others before themselves).

    There you have it, Anne Sidora is all about Love, because what else matters?

    Feel it, show it and let us help you express your affection and gratitude to yourself and to others.


    With Love,