• Plastic War

    Plastic War

    Beautiful packaging is not hard to find, now beautiful and ecofriendly packaging is another story. We are one with Nature and the wild is too beautiful to be littered with garbage...

    Plastic is everywhere, it's cheap and durable. I always wondered why so many plastic packages - which are meant to be used only once and discarded- are made to last forever... It makes no sense and is destroying our planet. 

    As a store owner there are many challenges that come with finding the right packaging for your brand and stay away from plastic : Your identity, your values of course but also the cost and the availability (locally in my case) of what I desire for my brand. 

    It has been a trial and error of course to find the right kind of packaging for Anne Sidora but we are proud to say that we took different measures to avoid waste and to repurpose: 

    • We only give away paper bags after asking our customers if they need one. All our bags are made in Mexico by a small family company in small batches. No plastic. 
    • All our boxes are also made in paper by the same company in Mexico City with ecofriendly flour based glue called "engruo". No made in China, ever. 

    • We carefully curate products packaged in glass and teamed up with a wonderful Oaxaca based company called Xaquixe for our own glass container made exclusively with recycled glass. 

    • We invite all our customers to keep our boxes as beautiful keepsake chests and regularly post repurposing ideas for our products. 
     I used a finished candle to plant beans with my kids after placing some rocks in the bottom and some fresh soil on top. 






    • We use fabric and cotton pouch as gift wrapping. The fabrics are always recycled and discarded fabrics from old projects I used to work on when I was sewing for days ( you know, before having kids). The pouches can be reused to storage small items or gifted again. I also love the Japanese Furoshiki gift wrapping technics that I'm dreaming of including more in our store. 

    Those are a few initiatives we do to help. It's never enough. But we are getting there. 

    With Love,