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    dry flower process detail in gift

    In France, close to where my grandmother grew up and where I spent all my summers, resides a family of flower artisans. 

    Every year, for as long as I can remember, we would go visit them, marvel at the fields, learn about all they do with the flowers and buy a few things just to support their craft. 

    About 3 years ago, I went back. I always loved flowers which is a very basic and common thing to say but as a kid, one of my big frustrations was that fresh flowers always die. 

    That is exactly why I loved this place, nestled in the middle of rural France, so so much. Writing that their specialty is drying flowers would be an understatement of the work and skills required. The pictures speak for themselves. 

    They cut, prepare, organize and hang up the flowers to dry for months in a special old stone dark room without ever letting the sunlight in. No fancy equipment, no humidity control panel or anything, just years of experience, dedication and savoir-faire. 

    dry flower cave

    Pure bliss and perfection in my eyes. 

    For the store, 3 years ago, I bought an outrageous amount of flowers... Not only out of love and respect for them but also to support such an old and traditional practice. 

    I brought back all of this is two suitcases... And when I ran out, I was desperate to hear that shipping to Mexico would damage the flowers too much. 

    So they taught me how to dry flowers.

    They just told me what years of practice had perfected for them. Didn't ask for anything in return but to come say hi next time I was around. 




    You will see them scattered around the store and as a poetic detail to close every box and pouch we sell. Since then, I have been drying up our own flowers for the store in my home with some of the techniques I learnt and a lot of improvisation to make it work. I don't grow the flowers unfortunately but maybe someday. 

    Nature is truly wonderful.